As a full time staff member, there is always a lot to consider when planning a camp program.  The obvious and most important is the experience for the camper.   We often say we spend 10 months planning for 2 months for the summer sessions.  Winter Camp is only one weekend but a lot goes into planning this important event.

Winter Camp 2017 was a blast for the many campers who participated this past weekend.  Even though the lake was not frozen and there was just a dusting of snow on the camp grounds, it was a fun filled weekend.  Whether it was sports, arts and crafts, cooking, meeting new friends or walking around camp in a different season, the Beber community was in full action.  This particular Winter Camp featured over 20 first time campers trying out Beber for the first time.  It was obvious that everyone had an amazing time when campers shared their highlights at Havdallah and were dancing to “Golden Boy” as they finished their final meal.

What was really gratifying about the weekend was the feedback we received from parents after the weekend.  Not only did they rave about the camper experience but many parents wrote about their experience.  Parents wrote the following:   

  • I feel like our whole family is more prepared for camp this summer. It was a great little test for our son to be away from us for a few days. We experienced saying goodbye at the bus (and clicking refresh on the website!) He is much less nervous about the food this summer since he liked every meal this weekend and speaks very highly of Chef Jeff. He met so many boys this weekend that he will be much more comfortable showing up to camp on the first day. Very glad we signed up for winter camp!
  • I am definitely less nervous about sending her to camp.  I won’t be worrying for 2 weeks if she is scared when she sleeps.  I know she will have an amazing time and now I am just excited for her!
  • Having the experience of getting on the bus and driving away to camp then realizing that he’ll be ok will definitely make it easier for him to leave this summer. Also, having this unique experience will make him feel like he’s not quite as much of a first timer as he would feel otherwise. He can’t wait to come back!

If you ever have questions about Winter Camp, don’t hesitate to email me with questions.  If your camper hasn’t experienced Beber in the Winter, we hope you’ll consider next year!