Outdoor Adventure has had a busy start to first session!   There are some great hobbies in the area and they include  Castaway, The Farm, Wild Art, Backpack Beber, Outdoor Cooking, Camp Beautification and Geocaching.  All of these encompass a spirit of adventure for our amazing and “wild” campers!
The farm hobby has enjoyed the cutest baby goats named Guffer and Deano.  They have also been busy collecting the eggs every day from our 12 chickens. The garden has really taken shape with peppers, broccoli, and tomatoes starting to grow!  Fresh herbs are currently going in, with trellising being used to support the ever expanding tomato plants.  Finally, we are utilizing old sailboats as garden beds.  It’s safe to say the garden area at camp is very busy!

Outdoor cooking has had a real taste of different cooking methods this week from cooking brownies in a dug out trough oven to making ice cream in a ball with a bit of peach cobbler on the side! Tasty!

Our newest hobby, Castaway has had a real adventure on the trails of camp. Campers are learning so much:  from making a shelter at the highlands, to starting a fire without a match, and now building their own raft for a voyage on Lake Beulah. Our campers have definitely had a great adventure and learned some valuable survival skills.

Camp beautification has had a busy week also with a brand new Maccabiah herb garden on the hobby wheel field! Campers have enjoyed creating a colorful space with plants representing the four Maccabiah colors: green, blue, red and yellow with the green herbs representing the Havdallah herbs and spices.

The farm area has enjoyed sneak outs with hot chocolate over a campfire and soothing tunes to close the day. Morning sneak outs will soon be a thing with fresh eggs from our chickens for breakfast!

The Outdoor Adventure team have loved the enthusiasm from the campers and their involvement and creativity! It’s been a busy first week and we’re looking forward to next week with more adventurous campers joining our hobbies!