With just 9 weeks to go before the start of the Beber summer, the freshly named Outdoor Adventure team gathered in the wonderful city of Edinburgh recently. Meeting at the Museum of Scotland, myself (Jonny) Jemima, Adam, Nicola and Ross started things off with a spot of lunch. Being the only one not living in Scotland, I decided to go all out and have a Haggis sandwich, Cullen Skink soup, and an Iron Bru! It was so special to meet in Scotland and a reminder of all the work that goes on around the world that makes camp such a special, fun, and exciting place to be for the summer.
Firstly it was great to welcome Adam and Nicola into the Beber Camp community. Over lunch we talked of camp in general, in an attempt to paint a picture for Nicola and Adam. Reminiscing of camp stories, songs and photos, it felt like we were back in Mukwonago. Powered by the Haggis, we then delved into the Outdoor Adventure program. As a relatively new area for Beber, we have the scope to be super creative in developing an awesome program for 2017!  Without giving too much away, expect castaway scenarios putting your bushcraft and survival skills to the test, escaping the island on rafts, geocache adventures, nature photography, the cutest farm animals, the wildest of art, crazy Backpack Beber games, tribal dances, instrument making, whittling, tasty campfire recipes, free range eggs, late night adventures, early morning adventures, Beber ‘Camp’ and a special type of passport….just to name a few! It’s going to be exciting and it’s fair to say we’re pumped to get started!
Before we knew it the museum cafe was wanting to close up for the day. It was only right that we found a tree to take a photo.
After a successful day we ended with an Italian meal on George Street.  A special shout out to Wyatt and Sarah for joining us as well. We have some big ideas in the mix and I couldn’t be more excited to take on Outdoor Adventure this year. It’s going to be a good’un!
~Jonny Fenner