Week 1 of hobbies is over and the Fine Arts area has been buzzing with creativity, ideas and a whole lot of fun!

This year we’ve decided instead of having two indoor cooking hobbies, we wanted to utilize the kitchen at the newly renovated farm and just like that, Israeli cooking was born! We have an amazing 1st-year  counselor from Israel named Josh leading the hobby. He has years of experience in the kitchen and has a real passion for Israel and its food. Some of the delicious foods coming out of this hobby are Burekas, Pita, Shakshuka and Rogelach.

Meanwhile, down in the indoor kitchen, we have Beth from Scotland baking some sweet treats for those hungry times between lunch and dinner. On the menu this past week was an assortment of cookies, brownies, pizza, and smoothies. That’s right, smoothies! We’ve got a brand new blender and the kids have been producing some spectacular tasty drinks. Some of the combos have included pineapple, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, banana, mango, and kiwi. Yum!

The Moviemaking hobby is all lights, camera, and action this week! Holly is our new moviemaking guru and is using all her knowledge from studying film and media at University back in England. We have all sorts of different and exciting films coming out of this week. There’ll be a curious detective hoping to find clues that will solve the mystery of the missing Kesher cabin and a scary movie about an anonymous phone call. Look out for all these incredible movies on the Beber Camp YouTube page in the upcoming weeks.

Crown Hall has been an extremely lively place this past week with auditions full of singing, dancing, and acting. This is of course for the first session musical Lion King! Our resident theater extraordinaire Patt Hitt is back for his second summer after the massive success of both Annie and The Wizard of Oz last year. The cast has been chosen, scripts have been handed out, and kids are reciting their lines from breakfast to bedtime. It’s going to spectacular!

Take a trip down to the dance studio and you’ll find our amazing new dance specialist Eden, all the way from Israel! The kids have been loving the new and creative dances this year and will be performing them for the whole camp at the Fine Arts Fest towards the end of first session. In the dance studio, you will find a range of ages and experience, from Makor campers learning to dance for the first time to Ramot campers showing off their talents from dancing year round. The dance hobby is a real positive place for those who want to try something new!