For the first summer in 12 years, I did not return to Beber as a camper or staff. As someone who attributes some of their biggest areas of personal growth and many of their best friends to camp, it wasn’t an easy change. However, I felt a lot of comfort in my discomfort knowing the impact Beber has had on me. It was very special to share this impact with the current Ramot and PIO campers this past weekend as an alumni!

The day started with talking to the Ramot campers about the opportunity to continue their time as an older member of the Beber community. These campers asked so many great questions about what their future at camp may look like in the Teen Leadership Program. Many expressed much excitement for the opportunity to be a PIO and especially the potential chance to go to Israel! As a past camper in the TLP program, as well as someone who had the opportunity to be both a PIO and CIT Director, their excitement was infectious!

Later in the afternoon, myself and four other alumni visitors met with the PIOs to discuss the impact camp can have on your future. For myself, being a PIO, CIT and staff member gave me the leadership skills and confidence to pursue my passion as a graduate student in Occupational Therapy. The PIOs asked many thought-provoking questions that really had us all reminiscing about our time at camp and the positive impact it has had on us. The PIOs were all so interested in our stories, and I loved hearing about their own passion for camp. I felt proud leaving that day knowing that the future of camp is in the hands of great kids like our current PIOs!

Camp is truly a special place and I am so glad that, even though my time as a camper and staff are over, Beber really is “all life”!