Hello! Stacy Jordan Greenberg here! As an alumni camper and staff, and current Beber parent, I’m excited to tell you about the newly launched Beber Camp Alumni Association.

The Beber Camp Alumni Association aims to create a community that celebrates the lifelong impact that Beber Camp has on its alumni, while furthering the goals and sustainability of camp in the present. What better encompasses this need to care for the future while recognizing the past than the 20% of campers at Beber in 2017 that came from alumni families!

3BC provided a happy, safe atmosphere for myself and hundreds of others to retreat to each summer as we grew up; and it’s obvious that our children are continuing the traditions away at camp.  Beber was a place where we could be ourselves amongst Jewish peers from new places.  We were faced with new challenges, new adventures, new Jewish traditions and even new foods.   We became leaders and friends for life.  So why does this all have to end when we grow up?  Some of us spent years at 3BC as campers, some as staff member; and then we went to college, moved away, started “real” jobs in the working world, maybe got married and started families of our own.  When heading back to Mukwonago in the summers came to an end, many of us felt disconnected from camp life.

But now, thanks to the Beber Camp Alumni Association (BCAA) in full swing, (thinking of the blue swing, huh?) we have a group of alumni from all generations that have come together to create ways for us to connect with alumni from all eras.  Everyone can join the Beber Camp alumni community (for free) and it will reconnect you with the magic of 3BC!  The BCAA is working to update the alumni directory and plan events for us to get together, to network, and fundraise for future campers and the physical camp.

Being a part of the BCAA is a way for me to give back to camp and to continue to stay connected to people and a place that will forever hold a special place in my heart.  A “throw- back” photograph posted on our alumni fb page or website, correspondence from the BCAA, or putting on an old worn out camp t shirt can certainly put a smile on my face and bring me back to simpler times of carefree days away at camp.

There is no reason for a camp disconnect now that the BCAA is working to create a community that celebrates the lifelong impact that Beber Camp has had on its alumni and continues to have on hundreds of campers every summer.

Join me in being a part of the BCAA community! You can join a committee, attend an event in your area, or post a photo on Facebook tagging @BeberAlumni!

I’m looking forward to connecting with more alumni and I encourage you to reach out to us and get involved.  Together we can keep our memories alive and share them with the future of 3BC.