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Get Involved

Beber magic does not only exist during the summer. There are many ways for alumni to stay connected to your Beber family long after your last summer on Lake Beulah.

Help Plan an Event in Your Community

Help us plan a great event in your community! Beber alumni have spread to all corners of the world so there’s a great chance you’re not the only one if your area. Contact us for more details on how to get involved.


Beber Home

Beberites from all generations live around the world. Host a Beber Shabbat dinner for your local friends and other Beberites in your area.

Need help connecting with local Beberites spreading the word about your event? Contact us for resources for promoting, planning, and executing your event. Afterwards, post photos of your event with the hasthag #BeberHome and show the Beber community how you helped the magic last All Summer. All Year. All Life.


Join an Annual Campaign Committee

Want to make sure all campers have the opportunity of an amazing Beber experience like you had? Join the Annual Campaign and help Beber ensure that no camper is ever denied a life-changing summer at Beber due to financial need.